Future is now.

Introducing the Earth's smallest smart charger. We have completely reimagined the concept of a powerbank, by inventing the Lightr which charges your device whenever and wherever you want, without cables and sockets. Let's jump right in.


You'll love it

  • New ProvidenceFits in your smallest pocket
  • New ProvidenceUniversal cableless magnetic connection
  • New ProvidenceCharges your phone up to 100%
  • New ProvidenceEarth's First Smart Charger


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Size matters

  • Stunning design based on experience research
  • Smaller than any powerbank
  • Comfortably using your device while connected
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Universality is the Key

  • Strong magnetic connection
  • Works with iPhone
  • Works with Android
  • Suitable for Laptops (Type-C)

Powerful and Safe

  • Two powerful slim batteries
  • Special protection system for phone’s battery
  • No risk of overcharge/discharge and short circuit

Outstanding Smart Functions

  • Pairing with device via Bluetooth
  • Check Lightr's charge status through the app
  • Analyzes your using habits and creates a charging plan
  • Notifies you when Lightr has full or low battery
  • Smart adaptation to any device

What’s in the Box?

  • Lightr Smart Charger
  • Lightr Magnetic Cable
  • Lightning Connector(iPhone)
  • Micro USB Connector
  • USB Type-C Connector


Pre-order now save up to 37%!

We ship everywhere

Our shipping network covers almost the entire planet. We work hard to deliver each Lightr on time and to save one more person from socket addiction

We cooperate with global leaders of logistics and not only.

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Frequently Ask Questions

If you have more questons feel free to contact us via chat or

How much does it cost?

All the details about the pricing of our product will soon be available on our Indiegogo campaign page. For now, please subscribe to our pre-launch page to be the first to learn more details.

Can I charge my Laptop with Lightr?

Lightr's magnetic connection also includes USB Type-C connector, which works with many modern laptops.

Is Lightr Allowed on the Aircraft?

Lightr works with a Li-polymer battery which the majority of civil airlines consider safe. However, you might need to check the policies of your carrier.

How much charge does it provide?

Lightr's energy is enough to keep your phone charged even after intensive all-day usage. For more detailed information, please subscribe to our pre-launch page and become the first to learn more.

Can Lightr explode?

As mentioned in the website’s safety section, Lightr has multiple safety functions which protect the device from overcharge/discharge and short circuit. Lightr cannot explode without artificially created external factors (burning, high pressure, extremely high temperature).

Where is the Product Made?

Lightr is designed and assembled in the Republic of Armenia.


Pre-order save up to 37%!